Gainesville Hoarding Cleanup Help

Gainesville Hoarding Cleanup Help

At ServiceMaster Restoration Services, we're always looking out for the best way to help you. That's why we offer different kinds of cleanup services. Believe it or not, one of the most devastating things that can damage a home is a product of human interaction rather than natural forces. Hoarding affects nearly five percent of the world's population, and the result of this process can hide unforeseen damages. That's why we offer hoarding cleanup as one of our services, because we know that whether it's a severe case or not, the possibility of something worse can be present.


Understanding Hoarding

Perhaps the most difficult part to hoarding is diagnosing and addressing the issue. Since it is considered a mental disorder, those who suffer from it don't usually know that they have this problem, and it tends to get worse to the point of it being very dangerous. If you believe that you know someone who is a hoarder, look out for the following characteristics:

  • Hoarders acquire great numbers of useless items, and will refuse to get rid of said useless items.
  • Inability to refuse free items, or excessive buying habits.
  • Living spaces are cluttered to the point where ease of movement is impeded. Rooms that have a particular use will be used for storage instead.
  • Borrowed items will often be left unreturned or forgotten to the point of theft.
  • Fifty percent of hoarders obtain their habit because they grew up with a hoarding family member.

While these signs aren't necessarily guarantees of hoarding mentality, if a person fits multiple criteria then there may be a problem that needs to be addressed. There are other personality traits that can accompany a hoarder as well such as neuroticism, anxiety, indecisiveness, perfectionism, vulnerability, impulsiveness, depression, or self-consciousness. Taken individually, these traits don't necessarily imply hoarding mentality, but the signs do show that they can lead to this disorder.

By understanding the characteristics and symptoms of the condition, measures and steps can be taken to help the situation or prevent it from happening. However, sometimes these aspects aren't noticed until it's too late, and the next step would be to take care of the existing problem.

Cleaning Up After Hoarding

As a restoration company, we've had to deal with many kinds of damage, stemming from water, fire, smoke, and mold. For each type of damage, the cleanup process is different, and majority of the cases that we encounter are unique to one or another service. Whether it's a burst pipe that causes a leak, or an electrical fire runs rampant and burns a good portion of the room, we have ways to handle them. Hoarding is a unique case in that it may actually cause many different kinds of damage.

Removing clutter from a room is only the first part of the cleanup process, and care must be taken because what lies beneath can be harmful if not properly dealt with. Because hoarding leads to a piling up of what is essentially garbage, what you see on the surface might not be the true extent of the damage. The following might have occurred:

  • Some cases include organic matter which can cause extensive mold damage.
  • If liquids have been thrown haphazardly into the pile, there might be evidence of water damage on the flooring beneath or walls.
  • A large pile of materials may have caught fire, resulting in massive fire and smoke damage.

Ultimately, what starts as a simple cleaning job may result in far worse problems that you never knew existed. It's best to handle a hoarding situation sooner rather than later, because the cost of cleanup could be much higher for you than you would like.

Our Process

As part of our work for you, we will take a look at the situation and tell you what you can expect as far as damage is concerned. Keep in mind that we cannot be exact with our estimates until we dig into the mess and begin the cleanup procedure. If we encounter any other problems along the way, we will notify you of what the next steps will be. Should there be additional damages, we can include that in our work for you, because it is our goal to bring your room as close as possible to the original quality. There are certain tasks that we'll want to do after the clutter has been removed, most specifically of which will be to deodorize the room as it's likely that there will be a smell prevalent in the room.

Should the hoarding case exist in multiple rooms of the house, the same analysis will take place. In addition, you can expect that the cleanup process will take more than one day. We want to take utmost care in making sure that the situation is handled properly and without causing any additional harm to your home.

We want your home, or the home of your loved one to return to a livable state. However, removal of clutter is only the first step in fixing the issue, as there's always the opportunity that the hoarding will continue. We can offer our technicians to come out upon request so that the issue can be handled before it gets too large again. Don't let the mess continue to build. You never know what can lurk beneath the surface in a hoarding case, and we strongly advise that you hire a professional to have a look at it rather than trying to tackle it on your own.  

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