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At ServiceMaster Restoration Services, we put your needs first, and want to help you as best we can. Has your home or business recently been host to chemicals or biohazard materials? If the answer is yes, then there's a good chance that some level of damage was done that you may or may not readily see. There are a handful of different types of hazardous toxins that you will want immediately removed, and whether it's the result of a viral sickness, a crime or trauma scene, or other materials, the utmost importance is on cleaning it up as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

Types of Hazardous Situations

As mentioned, there are different kinds of hazardous materials that can be found in a home or business space. Any and all of the following are perfectly treatable, although the methods can vary from one to the next:

  • Bacterial or Viral decontamination
  • MRSA removal
  • Crime Scene clean-up
  • Hospital clean-up

Bacterial and Viral

After an outbreak of any viral infection, it's crucial that the area is roped off and completely cleansed of the possible infection. These can linger in a space and constantly present hazards to those who work or habit the space. The process of cleaning up a bacterial or viral infection involves quarantining the space to prevent the spread or cross-contamination of bacteria or viruses. There are specialized tools and chemicals that are highly efficient at decontaminating the area, and as a result they can ensure that the hazard is properly taken care of and removed.

MRSA Removal

As with bacterial and viral infections, MRSA can linger in a space if not properly taken care of. MRSA is a very dangerous infection that can do serious damage to the body, and it can spread very quickly if conditions allow for it. It's more common to see MRSA in nursing homes, near beaches, or locker rooms. It is therefore very important that these spaces are constantly kept clean and devoid of any possible instances of MRSA.

Crime Scene Clean-Up

Homes and businesses where there has been a lot of blood or drug related chemicals can be very dangerous to be in. The particles that are found in bodily waste can carry with them many diseases or be extremely harmful to human exposure. If your space has recently been the scene of a crime that involved hazardous materials, it's required that you have it thoroughly decontaminated in order to prevent further complications for all those in the space. Floorboards, carpets, walls, and even some furniture can hold onto biological particles, and a thorough cleaning by a homeowner may not completely get rid of the problem. Hiring a professional decontamination service is integral to making sure that it's entirely eradicated and there's no further threat to you.

Hospital Clean-Up

Hospitals are breeding grounds for infection and other biohazards. Decontamination services are integral to keeping a hospital running smoothly and without fear of further infection. While hospitals themselves do a fair job cleaning up, there are times when it takes an even deeper cleaning, which is when those services are called for.
The unifying factor in decontamination services is the removal of anything that can spread harm to those that live or work in a particular place. In order to ensure that your facilities are completely cleaned to the point where it's safe to resume normal functions, we highly suggest hiring a decontamination service. Safety and health are the ultimate goal, so do not let your home or business maintain unsafe practices. The sooner that the problem is treated, then the risk of infection, illness, or even death significantly goes down.

Contact us today to find out how we can aid in your home or business. Service Master Restoration Services strives to make sure that your establishment and health are kept at their best, and our decontamination services can accomplish just that. 

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